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Unexplained Phenomena and Extraordinary Experiences

Close Encounters, A Research Opportunity and a Healer's Challenge

The universe around us is full of things we do not yet understand. Some things are minor, such as distant sightings of unexplained lights in the sky. They are safely in the distance and we can pass them off as an interesting curiosity. But other events confound our present day understanding and shatter our reality. Among these, the experience of the UFO encounter presents one of the greatest challenges to our world view. More than a witnessing, a close encounter with the unexplained can be an up close and personal, reality-changing event.

For some, an encounter may be an interesting mystery, a sidelight in the path of life. For others, the phenomenon brings fear, stress and anxiety - a barrier to the quality of life. Where encounters bring challenge to everyday life, hypnosis can often help to understand or even to reduce the impact of the extraordinary.

Perhaps you have experienced something that you can’t explain, or maybe you suspect that something unusual may have happened – maybe something you can’t quite put your finger on. If you have, or feel that you can offer some insight into this mystery, please feel free to contact me at craig@craigrlang.com. I look forward to hearing from you.

Report a UFO Sighting

If you would like to report a UFO sighting to MUFON, you may do so on the MUFON Sighting Report page. This will allow you to describe your sighting and will provide valuable information to MUFON. You can indicate on the form, whether you would like to remain anonymous.

An investigator from MUFON may contact you to learn more about your sighting. Please feel free to provide any additional information you can. Each sighting, such as yours, can be a tremendous help in our efforts to understand the phenomenon.

In addition: The local Minnesota MUFON organization has long been actively involved in sighting and encounter investigation. To learn more about the local organization, I invite you to look up the Minnesota MUFON website, or the national MUFON organization, or visit the Twin Cities UFO Research and Investigations Group on Meetup.com.