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The Sky Will Turn Red
(c)2009-2017 by Craig R. Lang, MS CHt

As I sit in my studio, looking out the window, I can see the weather changing. An hour or two earlier, we had warm sunshine in a blue cloudless sky. It was a perfect September day. Now, the clouds have moved in, the wind has picked up and the temperature has dropped. The storm coming in seems like a fitting metaphor for the topic I'm writing about today.
In the last few weeks, I've noted a lot more interest in the topic of 2012, Armageddon and similar cheery subjects. I'm not sure if it's an artifact of the tense times we live in, or if it's just that I'm a History Channel buff and 2012 sells. But in either case, my own consciousness has been bombarded with this stuff. Nevertheless, it's gotten me to thinking. The biggest themes that come through in many of the documentaries I've watched, the interplay of events within history, and the convergence of multiple threads of prophecy regarding this time period.
" The Mayan Calendar
" Hopi prophecy
" Nostradamus (as interpreted by John Hogue, etc.)
" Interpretations of Biblical books such as Revelation, Daniel, etc...
" Father Malachai's listing of future popes - in which the current one is the last or next to last(?)
" Mother Shipton
" Terrance McKenna's TimeWave Zero interpretation of the I-Ching
" The WebBot predictions
" Writings of Jay Weidner and numerous others interpreting astrology, tarot, etc...
....and the list goes on....

Added to that mix, I hear a lot from close encounter experiencers, who describe nearly the same thing. Like the list of prophetic sources above, they differ in details, but the overriding theme is the same - we live in a moment of history, a crossroads in time that can lead us into a golden age, or into the abyss - the choice is ours.

I have usually dismissed such apocalyptic predictions with a brief smile before moving on to the next thing on my daily list of things to do. And then I saw something else that gave me pause for thought. Some time ago, at a Minnesota MUFON meeting, we watched an older documentary on UFO abduction; at one point one of the abductees describes an apocalyptic vision during an encounter experience. In response to her question of how we will know when these apocalyptic events are to come, she heard the message, "you will see the sky turn red..." After reading the news of the last few days and seeing reports of the gigantic dust storms in Australia - apparently the worst dust storms they have ever had - I got very curious about this particular quote.

Looking at the pictures from Sydney, I wondered, is there a background in the prophetic literature about this scenario? And have other prophets, or experiencers, described this same vision? I did a web search on red sky theme and came up with some interesting material.

http://newprophecy.net/ has some interesting material on the 'red sky'. On this site, Michael McClellan, author of Nostradamus and the Final Age, makes predictions based upon his own interpretation of a host of different prophetic sources. Among them, recently has appeared "red sky" material.

http://www.fortunecity.com/roswell/prophecy/23/Books/Ishtar.htm has a number of UFOlogical-related sources, describing this.

http://robertstan.bravehost.com/cccc.html describes a prophecy by Mother Shipton regarding the sky turning red and black...

...and the list goes on...

I've always been pretty skeptical of such prophecy. Yet every time I hear of "warning signs" such as the red-and-black sky, the moon disappearing, etc., it gives me pause to wonder.

Currents in history have always fascinated me - foreshadowing, chains of events, people appearing out of the social woodwork to fulfill predicted roles - all have a poetic and eerie ring to them. On several recent History Channel shows about the rise of Hitler, I heard the claim that there were apparently multiple predictions and foreshadowings as his time approached, warnings from intuitive seers and from political analysts. As the critical times approached, the signs increased in detail. Currents in history became more finely resolved as such a key event approached. So today, are we seeing similar things happen? Are we seeing prophecy converging and becoming more detailed?

According to John Hogue and several others who study Nostradamus extensively, we are still in the setting of the stage. Multiple "bad guys" will need to appear before the Third Antichrist (AC3) appears

We don't yet have a particular person identified as AC3, though several candidates appear to be plausible

We have apparently entered the era of the final pope, or the second to the last one, anyhow...

We have the Christian vs Muslim conflict apparently shaping up, perhgaps providing the Armageddon stage setting(?)

we have many of the 'signs and wonders' predicted in Matthew 24.

We also have the 'spider web' over the world predicted in Hopi prophecy.
... again, the list goes on. But I think you get the idea. In each case, as we move through this critical time in history, prophecy and foreshadowing seem to converge. In some ways we seem to see more detailed, and increasingly precise predictions about events to come - warning signs that a tipping point of history is upon us.

In my web-search wanderings I found several interesting articles on just such tipping points. Simply put, the idea is that we have reached a tipping point in many of our world systems. A web search on "System tipping points" yielded the following interesting set of articles:
 - http://researchpages.net/ESMG/people/tim-lenton/tipping-points/ explores the idea that many of the world systems such as climate, ocean currents, etc. are close to their points of instability and transition.
 - http://www.usnews.com/mobile/articles_mobile/tipping-points-what-wall-street-and-nature-have/index.html describes research on multiple systems showing similar behavior. They all have unrecoverable tipping points, plus clearly defined signs that these have arrived.

All of these articles advance the idea that as we increase the levels of stress on the complex systems of our world - climate, economic, food distribution, land use, political/military, etc. - we will see characteristic signs. Arguably, many of these are now making themselves known.

Perhaps, in a way, prophetic signs correspond with some of the tipping-point indicators described in the above articles. It might be an interesting area of research to compare prophetic indicators to signs of critical world system tipping points. I'm betting that there will be at least some correlation. I suggest that the converging currents of history and the pace of change may have us past the point of no return. Perhaps the critical changes have already begun.

What the result will be, I doubt anyone knows. Will it be a social change? A shift in human consciousness? A much more physical change? Will it be something we can't even imagine? Or will absolutely nothing happen at all? Whether you live in a part of the world where the sky is red and black from smoke, clear fresh and blue, or (like my sky) gray from an incoming weather front, the message is the same. We may have reached that point where, at least metaphorically, the sky has turned red.