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The Challenge of the Answer
(c)2009-2017 by Craig R. Lang, MS CHt

I have had a number of interesting replies to my last post 'What will we see
when...?' The most interesting thing to note is who responded. Nearly all
respondents were metaphysically oriented. I have met many of them personally,
and I know and respect each of them. And in each case, the comments they have
made are - shall we say - not for the left brained. Like the question, itself, the
answers are challenging. 

The prevailing theme I hear is that the date 12/21/2012 is unimportant per se.
The process has begun and the actual date is arbitrary. I have heard this from
many people, including viewpoints ranging from the strongly metaphysically
oriented and the most left-brained rationalists. So in the end, the answer to the
question, 'what will happen on 12/21/2012' may just be 'not much.' And yet, at
the same time, that date may be a marker - a road sign on the path to

One interesting analogy is of just that - the road sign. If one imagines driving on
the interstate, entering a city - say, Saint Paul, Minnesota. At some point, one might pass a
sign saying Saint Paul, next five exits. This is a sign that we are approaching Saint
Paul, but at what point do we actually say that we are nearing the city? We see
signs that this is happening, but the actual moment of arrival is uneventful. All
we see are indicators, including a view of tall buildings nearby - but we never
have a distinct moment when we can say 'I am in Saint Paul.'

Another example, in Christian theology the story of the empty tomb is probably
the ultimate turning point. When Mary, Mary and Salome arrived to find the
tomb empty, only those three people (and a couple of sleepy Roman guards)
knew that something extraordinary had happened. Yet at that very instant, the
course of history had changed. 

Yet another example I have heard; when a handful of Aztec-era indigenous
people saw a boat full of Spanish soldiers land on the shore of Mexico, they could
perhaps know that the whole world was about to change, and yet only they knew
it. What happened instead might just have been the contemporary play of
regional politics, regional resistance to an imperial power (the Aztecs) finding a
sudden ally in a group of strangers from the sea. While at that moment, the world
turned upside down and the full nature of the change was not visible to anyone in
the scene - Spanish, natives, etc...

I often wonder, will we notice anything on that day - 12/21/2012? What I
conclude from the comments I've heard back is 'probably not.' Yet on or about
that time, I suspect that we will notice a lot of change. Indeed, we do now. On
this very day, as I hear of a snowballing of psychic and spiritual awakening.
Many more experiencers appear to be remembering extraordinary events within
their lives. Many more are awakening with gifts suddenly activated, the 'suddenly
psychic' phenomenon we occasionally hear about. 

Yet the biggest change appears to be simply that of outlook. My ultimate hope is that the change is one of social viewpoint. As transformation comes to pass, I would hope that, as with every social change, it advances the quality of our world civilization. Like the decline of slavery, the rise of democracy, etc., the change will certainly not be painless. Many upheavals and wrong turns occur in every change. Ultimately, I believe the final awakening is certain.

In the end, I believe we will grow and mature into a civilization worthy of the
Cosmic Community we now find ourselves facing. Our biggest challenge
now is to face and surmount what I see as 'the challenge of the answer...'