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Past Life Journeys: Real, Metaphorical or simply an excellent healing tool?

Ever wonder what it's like on the other side? What are those inexplicable patterns of events, or simply of luck that seem to show up in our lives?
Perhaps the answers can be found beyond our everyday existence.
Perhaps the truth lives in another lifetime, or even in the life between lives.

- Who believes in past lives?
Past lives are an integral part of many religions. Hinduism, Buddhism and even many western faiths believe that the soul comes back into the physical world time after time, life after life. The belief in reincarnation has become more and more common, even among people of western religions where it had previously been rejected.

- Isn't reincarnation against my religion?
There do not appear to be any specific passages in the Christian Bible stating that past lives are not real. In the apocryphal literature, there appear to be multiple references to reincarnation and in many Christian traditions, the idea of reincarnation is treated positively.

However, many established Christian teachers state that reincarnation does not exist. Thus, for some, the idea of past lives is an uncomfortable one. We will always work within your own beliefs. If that is the case for you, then for you they need not exist. You don't have to go there if you don't want to.

- How can past lives affect my current life?
According to many eastern belief systems, we live each lifetime for a purpose. Perhaps it's to learn something, to better our soul or to come closer to spiritual enlightenment. Or perhaps it's to be of service, to accomplish a purpose in the world.

In many lifetimes, and even when the soul is between lives, we often find patterns emerging - themes of events, behaviors, luck and health. Our actions and beliefs in one lifetime can affect events and health in another. Thus, events in another life might just be a factor in the circumstances of the present lifetime.

- How can we use past lives to heal the present?
In past life hypnotherapy, we explore the events in another lifetime using guided meditation, visualization and deep trance journeying. We find and understand the patterns associated with events in other lifetimes and bring any needed healing to those metaphysical memories.

- Are past lives real?
That depends upon your belief system. If your beliefs include reincarnation, then for you they can be real.
Thus, for some people, they are while for others, they are simply metaphors. For many, they are simply directed dreams which bring meaning to events in the present lifetime.

Whichever the case, past life hypnotherapy can form an excellent healing tool for those issues that seem to transcend present-day understanding.

- When would we do past life hypnotherapy?
Past life hypnotherapy is just one form of hypnotherapy.
We would only do this if your own personal beliefs include multiple lifetimes. Hypnotherapy is always client centered, and will never violate your own personal faith.

Generally, when dealing with mind-body wellness issues, we first examine and bring healing to any issues associated with the present life. Yet often the "trail of clues" leads us deeper, past the beginning of this lifetime, and into other lives. Thus, in cases where your beliefs allow, we may find ourselves in other lifetimes, and even in the life between lives.

This allows us to find and address patterns of pain, guilt, anger, or actions and responses - what eastern religions refer to as Karma - that may follow us from lifetime to lifetime. We can then bring
forth any healing needed.

- What if I'm just curious. Can we simply explore?
Yes, many times people want to explore past lives, simply from curiosity.
There are many ways to journey into previous (or future) lives, and we can use any of them to simply look around and learn what there is to learn.

- What are some instances where you have done past life regression work?
I have been doing past life regression for as long as I have been in hypnosis - 16 years and counting. In all that time, I have conducted countless sessions where people have explored past (and future) lives.

A typical example might be when during hypnotherapy, whether deliberately or as part of the hypnotherapy healing process, a person finds him/her self in an imaginary hallway, with doors leading to previous lives. Stepping through the doorway leads you to another lifetime, where the person can observe and explore the events of that life.

We advance through that lifetime and through its conclusion, discovering the lessons of that life. At some point, we may progress into the interlife, examining the relationship between the lifetime we just explored and other lifetimes. What are the patterns, lessons and needs that echo from life to life. The possibilities for learning are endless.

I invite you to join me as we explore other lifetimes through past life regression.
Find out what life is truly like, in multiple lives and as multiple beings.

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