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Beige cars, evening stars and orange butterflies

I have been conducting a little experiment over the last few days. I have been working with the book E-Squared, Nine do-it-yourself experiments to prove thoughts create reality, written by Pamela Grout (I will just call it E2 for short). The book has a number of little experiential exercises, experiments in intention in which you place a simple request out to the universe, to God, or to who/whatever you choose to call the Higher Power. The time period is over forty eight hours, and during that time, your job is to notice the response. I am now on experiment #2, and so far the results have been very interesting.

The first experiment in E2 is to ask God to show you that He's really there (Sorry feminists, I still use the masculine term I grew up with). The experiment is to ask for an unambiguous sign, something clear and undeniable. And what I got back was really interesting. At the same time as this experiment, including for the last day or so, the weather had been particularly nice - and last night during early evening, the sky was crystal clear. The planet Venus was high in the west and as a result, we had been expecting at least one "night-light" sighting report to come through the MUFON reporting system. Sure enough, the universe obliged - a report came through of a light seen over south Minneapolis. Whatever the result of the subsequent investigation, the lesson here is that I had asked for a nocturnal light sighting report and sure enough - one appeared.

The next thing that happened was the following morning. After I had put out the intention to God to do something I would notice, I found the hood release on my car opened. My car had been in the closed garage all night. I had not pulled the hood release at any time in recent memory. Furthermore, had I driven with the hood release open, I would have darn sure noticed it. So some time during the night, the release under the dashboard of my car apparently had been pulled.Was this some kind of paranormal event? Probably not - I'm sure there's a rational explanation, something I just haven't thought of. However, it was a fascinating little mystery, a little bit of weirdness at just the right time. 

The next day, I received a couple of calls for help. One was from an experiencer in another part of the USA who had just had a rather terrifying encounter. I helped her to find the local MUFON chapter, as well as a hypnotherapist in his area. It simply felt great to be able to help someone find the resources she needed to cope with these unexplained influence in her life. The second was from a person who walked in to my office at The Circle of Healing Arts. The person was under considerable personal stress and at that moment, had nowhere to go and no one to turn to for help. He was not a client, and probably would not become one. Yet here was a man who desperately needed help. And I was fortunate enough to know the right people and have the right information to connect him with the resources he needed. Sometimes the chipsjust fall the right way - but to me, this was a (relatively) unambiguous sign that God is present and listening. In this case, I was able to do something positive, specifically by being in the right place at the right time.

More interesting stuff happened over the last week or so (see my other article, Who rang the bell?). A lot of synchronicities, a lot of 11:11's staring me in the face. A good skeptic would say that of course they do - that number occurs on the clock twice per day. The key is not that it occurred, but that I happened to notice it. Circumstances somehow prompted me to look up and see that number. While not extraordinary in itself, a number synchronicity is something like seeing a mile marker along the road of life. It has little meaning on its own. Its significance is in its location and the context in which you notice it - telling you where along the highway you are. Similarly, the number synchronicity happened to occur as I was reading a book on paranormal and
metaphysical mysteries - including number synchronicities. 

The second experiment, which I am just now concluding, involves putting out a request to observe a particular class of object, color, etc. In this case, during the first twenty four hours, the request is to see beige cars. The second twenty four hours, the request is for orange butterflies. Both requests are relatively simple - the universe doesn't have to bend over backwards for you to see a beige car or an orange insect. Again, the intent is for you to notice the event, rather than for the event itself.

In the subsequent twenty four hours, I think I saw at least twenty beige cars. I never knew there were so many beige cars in the world. I compared the number of cars of that color with cars of other colors and found them to be about the same. Again, the key is merely what the eye is attuned to see at that moment. And for me, that was beige cars - the universe is still throwing beige cars at me.

The second half of this experiment is to ask for orange butterflies. So far, I have not seen any, although I notice that on the wall of my office are several Native American paintings that include both an orange background and a butterfly pattern. I've noticed lots of other orange objects as well - Post-It notes, a stone made of Carnelian (an orange-ish mineral), even an orange bumper sticker on a beige car. But as yet, no butterflies - it's probably still too early in the season. Still, I wonder, did I accidentally include a comma or an 'and/or' in my request for orange butterflies? God definitely has a sense of humor.

In the next few days, especially if the sky is clear, I expect we will get a few more sighting reports. And in the meantime, I expect I will see a lot more 11:11's, beige cars, evening stars and perhaps even some orange butterflies.