Click here to learn more about how hypnosis and hypnotherapy can help you. Because a whole new life path could be just a step away…
Click here to learn more about how hypnosis and hypnotherapy can help you. Because a whole new life path could be just a step away…

[Induction - Eye Closure]
Sitting back, allowing your eyes to close.
Feel the fabric of the chair supporting you, and allow yourself to settle into its comfortable embrace.

Allowing your eyes to relax, upper eyelids closing gently against your lower eyelids.
Feeling the relaxation as your attention begins to turn to the space within your own being.
You can feel your focus shifting inward, focusing on your breath, your innermost thoughts.

As your eyes relax, it begins to feel almost as if they wanted to remain closed on their own.

You can even imagine that if you tested them, they would want to stay closed on their own.
If you tested now, you would find that they just wanted to stay closed and would almost not want to open.

And then relax your eyelids and let that relaxation go to every part of your body, mind and soul.

As your eyes relax. let any sound you hear in the background just take you deeper into relaxation.

Any sound, any disturbance, even the feel of your own breath, even the thoughts in your stream of consciousness just takes you deeper into your own inner mind.

Every gentle breath just makes you feel more and more relaxed.

[Progressive Relaxation]
Now let your eyelids relax and feel that relaxation spread from your eyelids to your forehead.

Letting the relaxation in your eyes and forehead spread to your face, back of your head, jaw, neck and shoulders - all deeply, beautifully relaxed

Feel the relaxation spread even further - down your arms from your shoulders, through your elbows, fore-arms and wrists, into your hands.
Feel the relaxation as your fingers and fingertips relax completely - relaxation from the shoulders all the way to the tips of your fingers

Now allow the relaxation you feel in your head, shoulders, arms all the way to the tips of your fingers, to begin to spread down your body as well
to your Shoulders,
your Chest and upper back
your Middle body
into your Abdomen and down into your waist,
Then into your entire lower body
All deeply relaxed and comfortable

From the top of your head, all the way to your fingertips, your upper, middle and lower body now relaxing more and more.

Allowing any sound in the background to help you relax further, every gentle breath, even the thoughts in your stream of consciousness taking you deeper into beautiful daydream-like trance.

Now feeling your legs begin to relax more and more
Thighs, knees, lower legs relaxing
Down into your ankles, feet - arches relaxing
the balls of your feet and all the way to the tips of your toes

Deeply, beautifully relaxed and comfortable from the top of your head to the tip of your fingers, and down to the tips of your toes - relaxing more and more with each gentle breath.

[Stair Deepening]
And I'm going to invite you to imagine that you're on a stairway that leads into the inner mind.
Each step takes you deeper down into your own subconscious,
Each step helps you feel more and more relaxed as

5 - descending the stairway of relaxation - each step becoming more and more relaxed

4 - each step - Left foot, Right foot, Left foot, Right foot - each step taking you deeper down into your own inner mind

3 - half way down the stairway of the subconscious - taking you deep into that deeply relaxed daydream state. Even beneath your awareness your subconscious mind may be preparing to do the work you so want to accomplish today

2 - almost to the bottom of the stairs - you can see ahead of you, a special place that makes you feel comfortable, safe, secure
And yet beyond that, you can see a hallway
The hallway is beautiful, leading to past lives, future lives and any other places and times that might be important to you.
As you look, you see how the hallway leads off into the distance, into infinity and eternity.

and 1 - bottom of the stairs, deep within your own inner mind,
Finding yourself in this special place, deep within your own subconscious.

[Hall of Doors]
And ahead of you, you find yourself at the start of this beautiful hallway.
It seems to go on forever, doors of many different types, sizes, shapes and constructions

Within your inner mind, you know that each door opens to another lifetime, another time and place.

Your subconscious mind knows the door for you to go to.
as you allow your inner mind to guide you to that door.

Moving down the hallway, you notice more about what is there.
What does the floor of the hallway look like? It there a ceiling? Is it tall, far above or lower and more close at hand?
Is the hall well lit? Or is it darker?

As you move down the hallway, you find that maybe each door looks unique, or maybe they are all similar in some way.
And you allow your subconscious mind to lead you right to the doorway that is the one for you.

Now, in front of the door, you notice what it looks like in ever more detail.
Is it big or little?
What is the door made of - Stone, wood, metal, or something else?
What does the door frame look like?
What is it made of - stone, wood, metal or something else?
Are there any other features or markings on the door?

How does the door open?
Is there a knob? A pushbutton? A handle? Or is there some other way?

[Through the Door]
You find that when you open the door, however it is that the door opens, you can see through to the other side of the doorway.
Is it light or dark in there?
Can you see clearly through the opening, or is it more obscured?
What else do you notice about your view into the open door?

Now let's step across the threshold.
What does it feel like to stand on the other side?
Is it light or dark now?
Are you inside or outside?
is it warm, cold or perhaps some other feeling?

Standing in this new place, what do you notice?
Looking down, what do you observe? What is beneath your feet?
What does it look like? What does it feel like beneath our feet?

[The Initial Scenario]
Looking at your feet, what are you wearing? Shoes, boots, sandals, barefoot, or something else entirely?

Looking further upward, what are you wearing on your lower body?
What, if anything do you notice about what you are wearing on your lower body?

moving your awareness even further up, what are you wearing on your upper body?
What else, if anything, do you notice about what you are wearing?

What is the quality of what you are wearing?
Is it higher quality, or lower?

Are there any kind of tools, insignia or other things you might be wearing that would indicate your role at this moment?

Further up your body, what else to you notice about what might be on your head, your hair, or anything else about your uppermost self.

Are you male or female here?
What is your age at this time and place?
Are you moving or still?
Are you standing, sitting or lying down, at the present time?

Are you alone or are others with you?
What is your relationship to them?
How are you interacting with them?

Looking further at your surroundings, what do your eyes see?
What do your ears hear, etc.?

Allowing yourself to become ever more aware of the events and circumstances at this time.
What are your circumstances at this time?
What are you currently doing?
What is happening at this moment?
What are your feelings and emotions here and now?

[Developing Events]
Allowing time to progress a little bit. What is happening now?
What is occurring at this time?
What are you doing at this time and place?
What are your emotions and experiences at this time and place?

Allowing time to move even further ahead, what is happening?
What are you experiencing, feeling, observing?
How old are you now?
What are your circumstances now?
What events are occurring now?

Letting events proceed to their climax or conclusion, what is happening now?
What are you experiencing, feeling, observing now?
What else to you notice about this time and place?

[To Later Event]
Allowing time to move ahead to another event later in this lifetime.
What do you notice now?
what has happened in this lifetime to date, as you advance through the years?

Are you alone or with someone now?
What is happening now?
How old are you now?
What events are occurring - especially those that brought you to this event?
What are you experiencing, feeling, observing?

Letting events proceed to their climax or conclusion, what is happening now?
What are you experiencing, feeling, observing now?
What else to you notice about this time and place?

[To final event]
As you move ahead to the final moments in that lifetime, what do you notice?
How old are you now?
Who is with you, or are you alone?
What are your circumstances, and what events are occurring?

What is it that makes this your final moment in this lifetime?
What is important to note about this particular moment?
What are your emotions, feelings, experiences at this moment?

Allowing time to progress, you can allow yourself to cross the threshold, stepping out of your body.

Looking back at yourself, the body you have just left, is it alone or are there others around you? in spirit? in flesh?
Looking ahead slightly in time, what occurs in that place following your passing?

[Into the Light]
Now let's move upward a little bit and turn around to see the light waiting for you.
Who is there to meet you here?
Who else?

Moving toward the light, feeling the light embrace you, feel the love of those who are in your soul group.

Now - lets' pause for a moment and look back at the life you are just leaving.
What was the lesson or purpose for your entry into this particular lifetime?
Did you learn this lesson? accomplish this purpose?

Let's also allow any healing to take place, any healing of the soul that is needed from this lifetime.
Letting that take place now as we again move into the light.

Let the embrace of the light welcome you.
Let yourself move into the light and feel the presence of the Higher Power, who or whatever you understand that to be.

You can also allow any special spiritual figures to welcome you - any religious figures or founding leaders of your faith.

Are there any other special beings there for you?
Are there any teachers, guides or other higher beings there?
As you join them, what do they say, do, ask?
Joining them, you review the lessons, events and accomplishments off the lifetime you are now leaving.
What do you notice?
What are your conclusions?
What are your joys, regrets, or any other feelings?

[Return from the journey]
And now, as this journey concludes, I invite you to move once again, back through the doorway that led to this lifetime.

Moving out of the doorway, allow yourself to close it behind you.
If you wish, you can mark it in some way, so that you can find this particular lifetime again.

Then, let's turn away, and move back down the hall in the way you came, returning to the stairs that brought you here.

And as you return, going back up the stairs to full conscious awareness, you find that you can take your memories of this journey, and any lessons with you to use all the time.

You can find yourself better understanding it, and more and more confident about whatever lessons, messages or events you have found.

And now, ascending back up the stairs
1 - each step bringing you back to conscious awareness
feeing better each moment, every day, in every way
2 - becoming aware of the sounds in the back ground,
the feel of the air on your face.
The sense of deeper understanding,
Deeper awareness of the patterns between lives
3 - about half way up the stairs, half way out of trance,
feeling stronger, more aware every moment
4 - almost all the way out of trance
5 - eyes open, refreshed, relaxed and aware, and feeling better than you've felt for a long, long time.

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